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101 Secrets of Writing Dirt-Cheap Press Releases that Hook Reporters, Make the News and Pull Orders worth Millions!!

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Dear Friend,

Got 5 minutes?

I can show you how to turn your spare time into a successful publicity campaign.

It will cost you just a few cents and it can bring you - and your business - unstoppable, year-round Media attention.

If you've been fighting to make your product stand out in the marketplace...

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Then this could be the only manual you'll ever need to turn your business around.

Effective publicity can bring you eager paying customers, new orders, incredible word-of-mouth and clients that would practically worship you as the reigning expert in your field.

Find that hard to believe?

Would you believe that a New Jersey man who nobody knew…who made his living working 9 to 5 for someone else... could build a Million-Dollar business from scratch, using nothing but 15 cent press releases faxed to a handful of reporters?

Well, I'm that man and I can show you how ANYBODY can duplicate my formula for churning out press releases that the media can't resist!

This is the exact same publicity formula that I used to get more than $ 6 Million worth of FREE Publicity for myself and my product, leading to special appearances on 'Donahue', 'Jenny Jones', 'Johnny Carson's Tonight Show', Publications like 'USA Today', 'Forbes' magazine and top National and Regional Newspapers...

All with a single dirt-cheap faxed PRESS RELEASE!

But you don't think YOU can pull it off, do you?


Because each time you send a press release to the media, they say, "Who cares?"

"Who cares that you started up a new hair-styling salon?"

Nobody cares!

But what if you sent a press release to the media with the headline: "How Conditioners Kill Hair!"

Does the media want to know about it?

Do your clients want to hear about it?

[Read all about this strategy on Page 5 of my manual "101 Sizzling Hot Ways To Get Publicity"]

"Who cares that you're an entertainer who needs more business?"

They would, if you produced a press release with a headline like this:
"How To Make Your Kid's Birthday Party Go Off With A Bang!"

[Learn how you can adapt this strategy for your business on Page 7 of my manual "101 Sizzling Hot Ways To Get Publicity"]

"Who cares that your clothing store is holding a discount sale?"

They would, if you produced a press release with the headline: CLOTHING STORE TO BRING BACK SEVENTIES-

[Learn how you can adapt this strategy for your business on Page 11 of my manual "101 Sizzling Hot Ways To Get Publicity"]

"Who cares that your accounting practice needs more clients?"

They would, if you produced a press release with the headline:

[Learn how you can adapt this strategy for your business on Page 20 of my manual "101 Sizzling Hot Ways To Get Publicity"]

Who cares that you wrote another dating book?

They did, when I dashed off a press release to them with the headline:

If you are a financial advisor, you can turn that same headline into something like:

[Learn how you can adapt this strategy for your business on Page 31 of my manual "101 Sizzling Hot Ways To Get Publicity"]

order-now.jpg 262x111

And these are just 5 of the total 101 sizzling publicity strategies that I'll teach you in my manual!

Imagine what you could do if you had all 101 strategies in your hand. You would have dozens of FREE publicity ideas flying right off the top of your head!

But that's nothing! In this book you will also find point-by-point instructions to turn your boring, same-old business news into mouth-watering "media bait" that will have reporters reaching for the phone, or beating your door down for an interview!

Each of these 101 PROVEN strategies is peppered with loads of sample headlines and real-life anecdotes drawn from my entire publicity career!

Just spend a few minutes customizing these templates according to your business or your niche.

The result?

Instant media attention, on-demand!

And it makes absolutely no difference what business you're in, what product you have or what profession you're in. These strategies will work for you!

order-now.jpg 262x111

Now ANYBODY can dramatically increase their chances of getting media attention, by stealing just a few of my "101 Sizzling Hot Ways To Get Publicity"

Having this manual is like having your own PR office, working round-the-clock and across the year, churning out attention-grabbing headlines and news stories and that can turn YOUR business into the next media success story!

Are you ready to use the power of free publicity to virtually explode your business or practice?

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And don't worry - you're not going to get a bloated, triple-spaced, puffed up manual with huge type that'll take you days to read. "101 Sizzling Hot Ways To Get Publicity" is 57 tightly-packed pages that get right to the point. In no time at all you'll have the information you need to get up and running.

Like all of my high-quality products, you have to be 100% thrilled with this manual and what it'll do for you or return it anytime within 3 months for a full refund.

Reporters are waiting to hear from you. They're waiting to help you promote your product, service, business or practice.

When you get your copy of "101 Sizzling Hot Ways To Get Publicity" you'll have in your hands pure publicity power!

Get your copy now and then reap the publicity benefits that have been waiting for you.

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